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Great Rodeo grade cactus cowboy lariat 62 feet in length. Usually ships in business days. These saddlebags are hand made and hand stamped with leather covered buckles. The bags measure 29″ long to center 58 ” overall. A very unique grade 10 old west collectible. This museum-quality set of heavy duty batwing chaps date back to the s. The chaps have great patina but are in good condition for being well over a hundred years old. A very unique old west relic. This museum-quality ranch relic dates back to the s.

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However, Karastan can help narrow down your choices with practical design and decorating advice. One of the best places to start is by asking yourself a few questions. Is your room formal or informal? Are you looking for bright or subdued colors? What shape best fits your space? Make color work for you Color is an elusive and complex medium.

CATALOG No. chisholmtrail year old shotgun chaps that once travelled the Chisholm trail These antique Chisholm Trail shotgun chaps are approx. a hundred and fifty years old and according to accompanying documentation, once belonged to Dudley Snyder .

The exact pattern will vary greatly by original weavers and the different materials used. Prayer rugs’ patterns generally have a niche at the top, which is turned to face Mecca. During prayer the supplicant kneels at the base of the rug and places his or her hands at either side of the niche at the top of the rug, his or her forehead touching the niche. Typical prayer rug sizes are approximately 2.

Carpet with Tree of life, birds, plants, flower and vases Some countries produce textiles with prayer rug patterns for export. Many modern prayer rugs are strictly commercial pieces made in large numbers to sell on an international market or tourist trade. There are many prayer rugs in existence today that have been taken care of for more than years.

Islamic rugs in Protestant Churches[ edit ] Main article: Transylvanian rugs The Saxon Lutheran Churches, parish storerooms and museums of Transylvania safeguard about four hundred Anatolian rugs, dating from the late th to the mid th century. They form the richest and best-preserved corpus of prayer-format rugs of Ottoman period outside Turkey. Until it had the status of an autonomous Principality, maintaining the Christian religion and own administration but paying tribute to the Ottoman Porte.

By contrast, following the Battle of Mohacs in , part of Hungary was designated a Pashalik and was under Turkish occupation for over a century and a half.

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Located in Augusta, GA, we carry a wide selection of handmade new and traditional antique Persian rugs from our huge inventory. We are a direct importer of handmade rugs, traveling worldwide to handpick each item in our inventory. Because we choose each individual rug, we personally guarantee the quality of each of them.

We find the highest quality handmade rugs, both new and antique, to bring back to Augusta, including rugs from exotic places like Jaipur, Agra, Bedoya, Varanasi, Istanbul and Lahore. All of our rugs are personally chosen for color combination, with current design trends in mind. We purchase in bulk to ensure that the best prices possible are offered to our customers.

01 Dunston Hall Antiques Fair Premium Listing – visit site. Dunston Hall Hotel Ipswich Road (A) Norwich Norfolk NR14 8PQ Get directions with StreetFinder. This Fair will feature around 35 dealers on 50 tables selling quality items including Antique Silver, fine jewellery, early Moorcroft and Worcester, Antique Clocks and Barometers.

Genuine Navajo Rugs vs. Fake Navajo Rugs How to tell the difference. And the different kinds of fake Navajo rugs Who sells fake Navajo rugs? Dealers selling fake Navajo rugs: Few Indian arts dealers will openly attempt to sell knock-off Navajo rugs. Most dealers are virtuous when it comes to selling outright fakes and are cautious of the scrutiny from other dealers. However there are some Indian arts stores that sell Ukraine knock-offs along side the real thing, an inherently deceptive practice.

The stores that sell fake Indian jewelry will think nothing of selling a fake rug from Pakistan as a true Navajo rug. Also sometimes a dealer may have an imitation Navajo rug and not even realize it or may not want to know. Designers selling home furnishing items. Home furnishing stores, home accessory stores and the like sell imitation or reproduction Navajo rugs.

Very few will attempt to deceive the customer but a clerk may not know the difference between real Navajo rugs and imitations. These rugs are sold as decorative home furnishing items and could be considered imitations or reproductions.

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Unique selection of textiles from Central Asia is now available in Los Angeles: No region has a textile tradition more vivid and romantic than that of Central Asia. We are delighted to carry fabrics and suzanis that come from the land of ancient silk producing traditions dating back to the time of the Great Silk Road that went through this beautiful region.

18th & 19th Century American Antique Quilts. The 18th and 19th century category of antique quilts, spans approximately years, and encompasses a large variety of styles and fabrics.

Take a closer look at the many inspirational images, past and present projects Cadrys has been involved with over the years. Cadrys has been the choice of leading design magazines and stylists for decades. Partnerships that are truly valued and evolve every year. These authoritative voices call on Cadrys as they appreciate the quality and craftsmanship produced in every piece. Craftsmanship For artisans, time passes gradually. Our artisans sit in the open air, gazing into the nature while enjoying their tea.

They are never pressured for time, because creativity and passion require room and freedom. We believe in skilled crafts and trades, and avoid manufactured looking structures because they remove the artistic soul. Our carpets are not only home furnishings, but are a form of aesthetics that touch the soul. Production is not bound to strict guidelines, but to emotion and inspiration.

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Primarily Persia and Afghanistan. As a result, these durable little bags where made with a variety of techniques, but most often brocading, Soumak or weft substitution. Furthermore, not all salt bags have been used for salt, but that label has stuck. True salt bags, tightly woven and made in both flat weave and knotted pile. Sometimes woven across the bottom of the bags, presumably to make them sturdy enough to haul heavy pieces of rock salt.

In addition, the industrial name used is Halite.

Jewel of the Lotus is an international company which purveys magnificent antique adornments and artifacts from the Indian sub-continent. Jewel of the Lotus sells to private collectors as well as other fine art galleries, museums.

History[ edit ] The beginning of carpet weaving remains unknown, as carpets are subject to use, deterioration, and destruction by insects and rodents. Woven rugs probably developed from earlier floor coverings, made of felt , or a technique known as “flat weaving”. The technique of weaving carpets further developed into a technique known as loop weaving. Loop weaving is done by pulling the weft strings over a gauge rod, creating loops of thread facing the weaver.

The rod is then either removed, leaving the loops closed, or the loops are cut over the protecting rod, resulting in a rug very similar to a genuine pile rug. Hand-woven pile rugs are produced by knotting strings of thread individually into the warps, cutting the thread after each single knot.

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How to Make a Braided Rug Flat-Woven According to Area Rug Facts , flat weaving involves stretching fibers, called the “weft,” on a loom and then interweaving additional fibers, called the “warp. Flat weaving is a classic style that lends itself to simple designs. In most cases, antique flat-woven rugs were made by hand.

Vetting is the process which aims to authenticate works of art and antiques. Every object available for purchase at The Winter Show is vetted for authenticity, date and condition by a committee of experts from the United States and Europe.

The second edition was reprinted in and went out of print in September Please contact me by e-mail or telephone if you wish to buy a copy. This new book contains a much larger chapter on the Turkmen tribes and extensive up-dating throughout. I have removed the chapter dedicated to the rugs of Anatolia as this is a huge area which I cannot cover in a general book, and the chapter relating to new projects has also been removed.

I have therefore concentrated on the Turkmen tribes, the Baluch and Timuri tribes inhabiting the border-lands of Iran and Afghanistan, the Persian tribes and lastly, the village rugs from the tribes that inhabit the Caucasus. The book is an exploration of one of the most ancient crafts in the world. Beginning with the discovery of the oldest complete rug, which has been dated to the 4th-5th century BC, the reader is taken on a journey through the weaving history of the nomadic peoples of Iran, Afghanistan, The Caucasus and Central Asia.

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The Zentner Collection offers the largest collection of Japanese Tansu in the World, outside of Japan, as well as one of the largest fine Asian art collection in the country. Store Hours Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 5pm Tuesday: By Appointment 11am – 5pm Phone:

This is an unusual and lovely antique example of the Ferdows group of Baluchis, made during the last quarter of the 19th century. The rug has an attractive palette of .

You’ll also be signed up to receive e-newsletters from Antique Trader and partners. The rug may dry and crack, causing the loops to pop up, which will require professional restoration. Try and rotate the direction of the rug on the floor to minimize wear from continual path in one direction. Always put a separate, flat-surface rubber padding beneath the rug for cushion.

Be alert that cats and dogs will cause damage: Cats claw, dogs chew. Pet stains bleach out color, so they should be treated immediately by a professional. Handle your rug gently: No tugging, beating or tossing. If something get spilled — get cleaned professionally right away. Give it to a professional rug cleaner who can wet-wash the surface and handle it properly. Hooked rug restoration specialist Jessie Turbayne , who is also an author, appraiser and dealer, adds:

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Turkish word sometimes used to describe rugs without pile. It more precisely refers to rugs woven in slit tapestry weave made in the traditional rug producing areas of the Middle East. History[ edit ] Like pile carpets, kilim have been produced since ancient times. The weave is almost identical with that of modern kilims, and has about fourteen threads of warp and sixteen threads of weft to the inch. The pattern consists of narrow stripes of blue, green, brownish yellow, and red, containing very small geometric designs.

With this one exception, so peculiarly preserved, there are probably very few over a century old.

CATALOG NO. muellersaddle Antique Fred Mueller High Back Saddle This early-day Fred Mueller saddle is No. (stamped on the saddle) which means this saddle may well have been produced in .

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