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Enter your First Name optional Then Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. I promise to use it only to send you I’m In Stitches!. Yes – never drop that blanket on the ground in a wet parkinglot again. This blanket has a slit in the middle so that the crotch strap of the seatbelt can be threaded through. A very functional blanket – not too fancy, so it can be for boys or girls just by varying the colorways, but very useful indeed. The perfect gift for a new Mom! This baby car seat blanket pattern works out to 24 x 17 inches. I worked it in Red Heart Soft Baby sport weight 3ply acrylic.

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Glass panels, windows, lamps, teaching glass, woodwork and travel. Posted 18 December – Here is what I would do to hang a zinc framed panel of that size. Get a long length of fairly heavy guage wire and double over and twist one end to make a sizable loop for hanging. It should be long enough to go from the top, down the side, around the bottom, and up the other side, with enough left over to double the other end to make a loop.

Nov 07,  · Square Point of Sale (formerly Register) is the free Android point-of-sale app that gives you everything you need to take payments and run your business/5(K).

Sun, 23 Oct In terms of gaming, it’s a genre that’s much beloved and for good reason, whether it be arcade-style or simulation-based. Italian developer Milestone is no stranger to the racing genre, and last year it put out a motorcycle-sim racer called RIDE. One year later and here we are with more motorcycle racing goodness. The question is, though: RIDE 2 is a full-on, simulation-based racing game. In a sense, it’s almost like a Gran Turismo for motorcycles.

That being said, don’t raise your expectations to something of that calibre.

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As technology is advancing, the tax law practice must keep up with these technological and societal changes, explains Richard S. Lehman in an article series. As technology reshapes all of modern personal and professional life, the tax law practice is no exception. The complete articles will be published on the blog of Richard Lehman at https:

May 02,  · I’m totally new here and allthough my english is fine I would feel even more familiar with some german helpers around me to share the same love for the project.

The sink and refrigerator would have to be on the same side of the room, and ours are not. But that still left me with the problem of our non-working ice and water dispenser. I wanted a solution that would preferably not involve tearing up our kitchen floor to run a pipe underneath, or any other similarly-major DIY construction effort.

So I decided not to connect the refrigerator water line to the sink across the kitchen, but instead to go down through the kitchen floor and connect to the main water pipe in the basement. It ended up fitting perfectly into the hole in the floor behind the fridge space that had been made for a no-longer-used TV cable why had there once been a TV cable behind the refrigerator?

So I put some tape on the end of the water line and threaded it down through the floor to the basement. The connection would need some kind of valve to both seal and allow water to flow into the refrigerator line as needed, like a saddle valve. And I just happened to have a leftover saddle valve that came with our humidifier parts. The valve came with some written instructions which were helpful… but I wanted to watch someone actually using it to make sure I understood how it worked.

Fortunately, I found a few instructional videos online, and it looked pretty straightforward and relatively easy to install. I started by turning off the main water valve, and opened a faucet in the basement to drain water out and relieve any pressure. After the water slowed to a drip, I got ready to drill into the pipe. Then I installed the saddle valve. The valve simply wraps around the pipe like a saddle hence the name , and as you tighten the screws, the rubber gasket inside the valve creates a water-tight seal against the pipe at the point of the valve tap hole.

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How to Install Shower Pipes Even if you prefer baths, a shower is a convenient addition to any bathroom. But adding a regular shower to an existing tub enclosure is a major undertaking. One easy solution is to install a special tub diverter spout that allows you to hook up a handheld shower to a bathtub faucet with only a minor plumbing change.

These luxurious apartments offer many amenities including washer/dryer hook-up, updated and fully equipped kitchens with breakfast bar, swimming pools, and so much more. Select units include finished basement, vaulted ceilings, gas log fireplaces, and monitoring alarms. Creekside at Taylor Square is a pet friendly community (larger pets accepted).

We have 35 employees with over years of cumulative experience in the metalworking industry. At Square Stamping Mfg. Corporation we are well known for our precision, on time delivery and personalized service. We are a short to medium run manufacturer and can produce parts in lot sizes from pieces to millions. We are quite flexible in our manufacturing schedule, so that we can work with you to meet your production timetable. When you submit a job for quotation, we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss cost saving suggestions.

Also, if you have design or production questions, our technical people are directly available for consultation. We understand that every project is unique and from inception we analyze each step in the process for the best combination of resources and return on your investment.

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Both analog and digital audio connections can give you surround sound or stereo sound, depending on the sound system that you use with your Xbox console. Remember, your Xbox audio setup applies to both games and DVD videos. The Xbox audio connection that you should use depends on the sound system that you connect to your Xbox console: Digital audio is the best option if you have both of the following: Analog audio is used for most TVs and inexpensive audio systems.

Square Get Started Guide. Article Contents. Step 1: Get Set Up to Take Payments. Step 2: Set Up your Account on Square Dashboard. Use this section to order your hardware and set up your secure Square account so you can get paid quickly once you start accepting payments. Create your .

Arrow icon State regulators on Thursday approved a measure to reduce the cost for new customers to hook up to Peco Energy Co. The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission endorsed a Peco pilot project to finance gas-main extensions to unserved neighborhoods. Typically, the costs are so steep that few customers can afford the up-front payment. The PUC also approved a measure that would reduce or eliminate the up-front cost for thousands of customers who live along existing gas mains to connect.

Peco, which serves about , gas customers in the Philadelphia suburbs, becomes the latest Pennsylvania utility to adopt new rules to make it easier for customers to convert to natural gas. State policymakers are pressuring utilities to sign up more customers to consume gas produced in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale region, which costs less than oil, propane, or electricity to heat a home. Witmer, a PUC member.

The utility will finance the customer costs over 20 years rather than require an up-front payment. The per-customer cost will be based on the assumption that two-thirds of the customers along the main will eventually convert to gas. The funding mechanism might resolve one of the big hurdles for neighbors to organize new gas service to their area. Other Pennsylvania gas distribution companies, such as UGI Utilities, have experienced strong customer response to similar programs.

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Hanineal April 6, , 1: Having a friend to help you get them is a blessing. Maark30 April 6, , 1: Good thing she came to Tina when her insurance company disregarded her need. Heph April 6, , 1:

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Our team of lighting specialists create a vast array of looks inside your tent space with minimal power draw and maximum impact. We can guide you through the process of lighting design for your tent rental based on your goals and our past experience. Contact us today for a custom quote. Perimeter Lighting Perimeter Cafe Lighting for our tents is the most basic lighting we do.

It gives a nice ambient light and is sufficient on tents for customers who are looking for a simple, effective option. Our cafe light strings are white to blend in with the tent fabric. The bulbs are about the size of golf balls. Full Cafe String Light Packages Our most popular enhancement to our standard perimeter cafe lighting is our full cafe light packages.

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Built for compact tractors! Cut as fast as you can drive! Easy to use and simple to change blades. Tool included to change the 6 blades, takes less than two minutes! Come in and choose the right one for you today!

Emily Gets Kinky In Colorful Dress. Emily Hook sits in a room and is ready to have her picture taken. Before she realizes it, she is touching herself and relieving her sexual frustration.

Monday, August 8, granny square tutorial part 5: This is the method I came up with when I made my Granny Square Sampler Afghan since the pattern in the book is really vague about how to join it all together. If you haven’t already, you should first familiarize yourself with my tutorial for how to join squares of the same size. This is really just a slight variation on that concept.

Once you join a few squares this way, you’ll know how to add any square to your sampler afghan! If I can do anything to clarify any of the information that follows, please email me at adaiha gmail. If you can make a basic granny square , you can do this! To get started, you just need a bunch of squares in assorted sizes. This will go much more quickly if you add a 3dc border to each square before beginning to put them together.

It isn’t entirely necessarily, but it makes crocheting the final joining round easier. I like to make a big basic granny in a single color to measure each square against to see how many 3dc groups should go on each side to help keep everything even, but I didn’t discover this trick until after I made my sampler afghan. It still looks fine!

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