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Mander Mander 4 years ago 1 Do you guys know its based on battle tier of the tank you are using and not the level? Do you know when you post pics of a level 1 guy in with levels 9 guys it was because he was platooned with them on purpose? National Atheist coalition co founder. Part time Astro physicist.

World of Tanks update should now be live in North America and Europe, and it’ll go live in Asia and Korea on 6 November. Twitter Facebook Reddit Email Google+ Related to this article.

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World of tanks unbalanced matchmaking

Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys from all over the world. Your arsenal includes more than armored vehicles from America, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Soviet Union, carefully detailed with historical accuracy. Whether you prefer to exhaust your foes with fast and maneuverable light tanks, make deep breaches in enemy lines with all-purpose medium tanks, use the force of giant heavy tanks to eliminate opposing armored forces, or become a heavy sniper with long-range howitzers, each unit type has its own advantages and can be extremely effective when operated by a true tank ace.

Victory is achieved by combining your combat skills with those of the other members of your team, each playing their own role on the battlefield.

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I discuss the importance of flexing to prevent a flank from collapsing and the arguments against capping too early instead of pressing an advantage. Holding the high ground provides the following benefits: T Review, Contributing When Bottom Tier I discuss how to meaningfully contribute as a bottom-tier medium tank, with footage from a tier 10 Serene Coast battle in my T That said, even with a low penetration gun, by carefully watching the minimap and being opportunistic, I was able to make a solid contribution.

Additional Comments props to the STB-1 driver ahmechanic2 who played very well throughout the battle at 4: I have a tendency to be chatty during matches, and sometimes it screws me up.

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First daily victory with the vehicle Coefficient of 2 No Exiting battle during loading screen or countdown No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn XP e. No “Joining a battle” bonus. Since your tank is actually present in the battle until it gets destroyed, it can passively earn credits e.

Exiting battle after countdown There is a penalty for XP earning, but only if the tank has not yet been destroyed.

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We plan to redesign the clan system. Once that is done, it will be time to look at end-game content. Will there be a branch of USSR heavy fighters? Assembling a whole branch of them would be a big problem. What you might look forward to is maybe a mini-branch comprised of several machines or a set of Premium aircraft. There are a couple of interesting warplanes that we would personally like to see, especially as researchable machines.

Why is the British Tier X heavy fighter so overpowered in comparison to other heavies? Speaking of the Javelin, the aircraft is balanced against its class counterparts. But it is a very large target. You should always keep in mind that the HP count always depends on the aircraft signature — how easy it is to sustain damage.

The machine has great armament, but it is wing-mounted so shooting effectively is harder than in the case of the HG3 or XF Why did you nerf the Me that much?

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Do you plan to buff the skill Manual fire control for secondary guns? It also is only useful for BBs. That is why we plan to reduce its cost or to have it increase secondary guns range. We were quite anxious when making this skill since in patch 0. So we were slightly worried.

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Commanders, With the upcoming Version 9. Taking both your feedback and battle statistics data into consideration, we have decided to buff the two vehicles. In their current state, these tanks fall behind their premium peers in terms of performance and playing pleasure. Therefore, with the upcoming patch we are planning to introduce the following changes in order to make the vehicles more competitive and fun to play: AT 15A This British colossus is slow, heavy and its gun does not really take your breath away with its alpha damage potential.

This means that it can end up in battle against Tier IX tanks, where its contribution is borderline insignificant. In order to improve the playing experience, the vehicle will have its matchmaking value reduced by 1 point, which means that the highest tier it will be able to face in battle on its own is Tier VIII.

T Introduced as an alternative to the legendary but no longer available Type 59, this medium tank is often moody and quite difficult to play.

One more step

A battle tier 7 match consists of vehicle tier IV-VI light tanks , as well as. Lately, Ive noticed a couple of questions regarding. The Independent Publisher Theme. World of tanks 8.

The chart above may be incorrect regarding light tanks. PaladinLM17 19 Posted 02 October – Jul 08, · Preferential Matchmaking Chart for Premium Vehicles In response to these threads/PMs, I took the time to request a preferential match making World of Tanks.

Also, RNG Random Numbers Generator, which controls armor penetration chances can be maniuplated to allow or not allow your shells to penetrate armor. This is “Deceptive, and would be considered Fradulent” when it comes to product laws. They also will not respond to their EULA agreement when contacted on arbitration matters to settle disuptes in their overseas offices. If you press the cutomer service, you will received patent copy, and paste responses in reply.

If you try to voice your concerns on their Official Forum site, you will be suspended, RO’d, or even banned for trying to speak out about certain issues related to the game that they deem not to be openly discussed. Clan members, and staff employees will unfairly insult, harrass, bully, you and commit libel remarks toward you to silence you, and then ban you, to stifle you from talking about the issues surrounding the game they do not want discussed.

The Forum site is run like a “police state. There are always update patch issues which keep the game from running smothly Ex: Request for a more fair skilled base match maker for better matches is always meet with, “no you cannot”. There are frequent losing streaks, and stat issues with the stat system in the game. Favoritism is show toward most major clans over the vast majority of average pub players. There are issues about “illegal mods” that are used by players in the game also.

The player community on the forum site is very rude, self absorbed, self centered, offensive in a very Troll like manner, they bully on other members of the community, and are allowed to get away with it, especially if it favors a wargaming position, and therefore infractions are allowed to be compounded upon other players who do not agree.

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Select your vehicles, the category to analyze them, and click on “Analyze Vehicles! At least two vehicles must be selected. T26E4 Super Pershing Performance Analyzer Chart This chart compares vehicle’s performance based on firepower, armor, mobility, view range and hitpoints.

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Whether vehicles are stock or fully researched, how they are equipped, nor crew skill is taken into account by the match-maker. Vehicle Tier Vehicle tier is not taken into consideration when balancing teams. This is a common misconception among players. For example, under the current rules a tier 8 medium can be matched against a tier 7 heavy tank. The only relevance of vehicle tier is to determine the battle tier.

However, the top tanks of each team have the same vehicle tier due to the current balancing rules. The vehicle tier should be taken into consideration as it reflects a preordained operating range of a vehicle also known as classification. The range of each tier gradually increases with technology and tiers can overlap. If you are in a platoon, the entire platoon is placed into battles according to the platoon member in the vehicle with the highest battle tier.

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Deal de gamer! 7 jours de compte Premium, pièces d’or et le char T2 Light offerts sur World of Tanks grâce au code éez votre compte pour récupére le matchmaking ne prenant pas en compte le niveau des joueurs!! mais seulement le niveau des chars joués.

What War Thunder suffers most from is a good matchmaking, the ground forces part is a big desaster currently, never saw anything so unbalanced. Why i say this? Because its a very bad game design if you allow good players to have winstreaks beyond 30 games i myself had 32 wins a row this weekend. I was part of developing the first 6 generations of the world of tanks EFR system and i have a lot of experience with rating systems, stats ect. The philosophy of current rating systems and why they are important: We have some very good examples of well designed but very different rating system.

League of Legends as example, is a very complexe but maybe the best one out there! World of tanks rating system is very simple if you use our external one its still simple but very transparent but it wokrs very well! Ofc, the gap between good and bad players are to big but thats wargamins fault.

WOT – Please Fix The Match Maker